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Welcome to our Kids Club

Being a Mum of 1 child myself, I know life for kids is usually all about them. And for many of us parents, keeping them occupied is our main focus a lot of the time! That’s why, we here at Soilworx have come up with an awesome concept, we love it and expect you will too!

We have further developed our already dedicated playground area, giving more space for your little angels to explore and enjoy. Sandpit, Apple tree (Ballerina Style), Strawberries in hanging baskets, colored carrots already growing…make gardening fun and they will come! Today I’ve put in some asparagus, Wombok and Japanese Spinach.

Our kid’s corner has really taken shape, physically. We have two new raised red gum sleeper beds-designed at a perfectly child-friendly level! With cute little work benches on each, it will enable our little treasured to explore planting and at a later date, experience the fruits of there labor. Planting is great for fine motor skills especially when they are little seedlings (the plants as opposed to the kids!)

We also have 2 new ground level garden beds, some plantings have gone in and once up a bit the kids will be able to comfortably enjoy different smells, sizes of leaves and some new and amazing flower colorings; Bumblebee petunias, guess those color? Yellow and Black, for our Richmond supporters it’s almost a must in your garden!

So stay tuned for dates of up and coming events in our Kids Corner….parents you can enjoy the ambience of our intoxicating nursery surroundings, while we keep them occupied for a half hour or so!!!!

Look forward to seeing you soon,

Deanne (Captain of the Kids Club)


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